Graduate Master Brewer, Graduate Engineer Beverage Technologies Michael M. Braitinger, member of the Bund Technischer Experten e.V, Aexea and Interexpert, in his capacity as publicly appointed and sworn expert of the IHK Hamburg for machines and operational facilities, damage and appraisal, is approved for all judical authorities including international arbitration at the ICC Paris and Zurich.

This portfolio includes:

  • Valuations
  • Ascertainment and investigation of damages
  • Fire / explosion / machinery breakage
  • Survey reports

You will not only profit from the neutrality of a court appointed expert, but also from long lasting experience of sensitive claims settlement at home and abroad.
The SCB GmbH works for the production industry, especially in the field of food and beverage industry as well as exclusive branches of the furniture and metalworking industry.
Furthermore, the issue of neutral ascertainment of loss, appraisal and valuation for insurances, valuation for auctions, banks, companies or statutory corporations.

The SCB GmbH is neutral and nonpartisan.

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