Process optimisation

Especially during economically difficult periods, when trade turns the price screw, resources become short and more expensive, and operating technologies require high expenses, thus facing manufacturers with questions of which measures are to be taken in order to increase and stabilise sales and returns.

Our experience of the previous years has shown that returns are often achieved by replacement investments and above all the related operational optimisations. But particularly in these times that are partially accompanied by mergers and market concentrations, manufacturers often avoid larger investments.

We have been observing this trend on the part of SCB for some years, in which our customers have accessed our process evaluation and optimisation service in order to discover unused potentials.
In this context, starting from production as a core process, our team particularly investigates the auxiliary and support process as well as the company interface.

In this way, up to 10% increases in production within shortest time as well as enduring internal improvements can be achieved.
Not the process alone, but also the depleting process source water is becoming the focus of our investigations. Endoscopic analyses of piping including microbiological survey and aging condition evaluations of the whole system offer approaches for enduring procedural improvements.

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