Water balance analyses

“Water will be a limited resource in future”.
In future, it can be expected that water withdrawal rights will be regulated as well as charges for water use increased by boroughs and communities. This is sufficient reason to deal with water supply from a technological point of view according to state-of –the-art science and technology.  It is vital to optimise ecological and economical aspects“.

M.M. Braitinger, lecture at a conference of the Akademie Fresenius, Hamburg 10/2008

Our approach

Path tracking from the source up to shipping considering the following questions:

  • Do the technical conditions conform to general technology rules?
  • Do softening units, reverse osmosis including secondary sections still provide optimisation possibilities?
  • Is the whole water supply network (pipework and pumps) designed for energy efficiency?
  • Does the application of frequency-controlled pumps make sense or not?
  • Is it better to construct ring lines or work with buffer tanks?
  • How is the handling of critical values of e.g. arsenic, fluoride, radium or uranium controlled?
  • Filtration, dilution or elimination – according to state-of-the-art standards or public laws?

Invest two days – and profit from our expertise!

Risk analysis

We offer a risk analysis and perform a microbiological, chemical and physical examination of your water system in detail. SCB will assist you with complex examination methods.
These include endoscopic examinations of pipeworks and microbiological surveys of the system, as well as pump oscillation measurements and aging condition evaluations of the piping.

Furthermore, we cooperate with accredited institutes in order to cover the whole examination spectrum.

Your advantages at a glance

We offer a holistic solution concerning water balance from the source to the bottle.

You will profit from the long lasting practical experience of our network consisting of:

  • Beverage and packaging technologists, graduate master brewers,
  • Oenologists and chemists,
  • Methods and plant engineers,
  • Economists, MBAs and certified accountants,
  • Publicly appointed and sworn experts.

Our technological advice is based on state-of-the-art science and technology. We will support you actively on the issue of optimisation measures.

Considering rising prices of water catchment, every optimisation is a contribution to corporate efficiency improvement.

We will be pleased to give you further information!

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