Physical examinations






Colour Video Endoscopy

The inspection of pipework systems is a must in terms of present-day quality requirements. HACCP and other hygienic regulations demand that the plant constantly informs itself of internal system conditions.

On the one hand, it is necessary to identify technical deficiencies at an early stage during assembly and on the other, to evaluate existing systems regarding their suitability in an ever-changing legal environment.


Thermographic Examinations

Within the scope of sustainability efforts, it is important to identify inefficient energy systems at an early stage and to subsequently improve. Damage prevention by thermography (e.g. switchboards) is also possible before large damage occurs.


Oscillation Measurement

Mechanical wearout of rotating technical facilities is known. It is however possible to determine plant condition and according possible fracture behaviour by means of oscillation measurement. Furthermore, preventive maintenance can be controlled optimally by means of oscillation measurement. Oscillation measurement is a very sensitive system in order to emit warning signals at an early stage.

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