Long-term production availability of machines and facilities depend mainly on 2 criteria:

1. Maintenance quality is of superior importance to production.

2. Positive wear-and-tear contingency of applied resources such as machines and operational facilities plays a crucial role at that.

The target conflict is composed of security assurance of all manufacturing plants as well as required plant availability and constitutional production quality on the one hand, and preferably minimal costs at a low loss of time, on the other.

In order to solve this conflict, established approaches of optimisation in a classical academic way of thinking are preferably consulted:



-         New maintenance strategies

-         New organisation concepts

-         Outsourcing

-         As well as application of IT



For us, the question arises whether this is really sufficient?

From our point of view, it is vital to determine the current condition such as production availability and possible performance limits and only then define priorities for situation improvement depending on material conditions.

This can mean the replacement of certain aggregates as well as modification of workflow.

An individual case-related analysis is necessary in any case. Our analysis results are based on comprehensible data and were acquired according to DIN processes.


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